Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Blue Birds-S/T-1972 GREECE": Perhaps the rarest Greek rock album, released back in 1972 in very small quantities (300-500 copies).

A combination of psych-folk and flower power hippy rock with male and female vocals, great melodies and an acid overall atmosphere. Acoustic guitars, sometimes heavy and sometimes fuzzy electric guitars, organ, bass and drums create one of the best Greek psych albums, although overshadowed and low promoted back then.

'Blue Birds' was one of the very first Greek modern bands as well as one of the most long-lived. Although they had started in 1963 as a garage-beat band they developed in a hippy band producing some fine singles -as well as this album- in the early 70's.


chynakat said...

Hi,thanks for posting this gem. It looks like someone deleted the older uploads from May and April. I haven't checked the other months yet. They were still there Saturday morning. Could you reupload Darius, Peloma BOKIOU, Love - Forever Changes, Ten Years After Same. TThanks for all the great music. Merry Christmas

Notis said...

Right, this group had excellent sound. Thanks a lot. Merry Christmas from Greece!