Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Gerardo Manuel & El Humo - Apocallypsis - 1970 PERU": "Apocallypsis" is their first heavy rock album recorded in Lima - Peru and was published in August of 1970.

In this album you will find original songs, as well very good adaptations of English and American bands. Very good beginning for the band, the voice of Gerald is quite powerful.

It is as well one notices the influences of the band: "Jimi Hendrix Experience", "Question Mark & the Mystirians" or "Grand Funk".

The album of "Gerald Manuel & El Humo", is one of the best albums of psychedelia in South America.

Gerald Red Manuel: Vocals, Maracas - Rhythm Guitar

Enrique "Tip" Ego Aguirre : Guitars - Hammond Organ

Jorge "The Coco" Pomar: Fender Bass, Acoustic Bass & Acoustic Rhythm Guitar

"Pure" Freddy Sources: Drums & Percussions

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