Sunday, December 9, 2007

"The Yankee Dollar - S/T-1968 US": Excellent Californian band 'Yankee Dollar' mixes avant-garde of the period with the psychedelic and innovative sound of Jefferson Airplane, a sound typical of the West Coast of the time, characterized by interesting lyrics and an expert use of fuzz guitar.

The vocals of Liza Gonzales also definitely deserve mention and do justice to both the covers (Dylan’s “Times They Are a Changin” and Dino Valente’s “Let’s Get Together”) and the band’s originals (“Follow Your Dream’s Way” And “Johann Sebastian Cheetah”).


whiteray said...

Nice stuff! Thanks for this and for all your posts-- you have some good stuff and a fun blog!

mike-floyd said...

Despite the stupid cover and the stupid band name this is an excellent record with a general hippie westcoast feeling somewhere between Jefferson Airplane and the Strawberry Alarm Clock and a brilliant fuzz guitar.
Strongly recommended.

The rip especially on the first songs could be better – pan shifting a slight channel drop outs...