Thursday, April 10, 2008

"John and Philipa Cooper-The Cooperville Times -1969 South Africa":

Amazing late 60's psych- folk group from Johannesburg, South Africa. Full of accoustic guitar, with violins, flute and male/ female vocals and among others their song "Gipsy spell" is excellent!!! Undeniable similarities with Mellow Candle and also sounding very close to big UK folk- psych albums of the era like Ithaca.
An absolute masterpiece and a real must for any psychedelic or folk fan.

Members: John Cooper- (vcls) Philipa Cooper- (vcls)
Julian Laxton-( gtr) Ivor Back- (drms)Werner Krupski- (keyb'ds) Art de Villiers- (acoustic gtr) Bob Hill- (bass) Francesco- (fiddle) Rory Blackwell-(tamb)

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Neil said...

Great great album. Cheers.