Monday, June 2, 2008

"The Ides of March -Vehicle -1970 US":

The Ides of March began in Berwyn, Illinois (a western suburb of Chicago) on October 1964, as "The Shon-Dels."
In 1966, after changing their name to The Ides of March (a name suggested by bassist Bob Bergland after reading Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" in high school), the band released their first single on Parrot Records - "You Wouldn’t Listen." The song reached #7 in Chicago, and #42 on the Billboard Hot 100 in spring 1966.
In 1968, the band added a brass section and Bergland often doubles up on tenor saxophone for the brassier tracks. Having secured a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records, in 1970 the band released the track "Vehicle" which at the time became the fastest selling single in Warner's history.

Larry Millas — Vocals, guitar
Jim Peterik — Vocals , guitar
Bob Bergland — Vocals, bass, saxophone
Mike Borch — Drums
Chuck Soumar - Trumpet, vocals, percussion
John Larson - Trumpet
Dave Stahlberg-Trombone
Scott May-Hammond Organ, Keyboards

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