Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Mike Mainieri - Journey Thru An Electric Tube -1968 US"
A groovy psychedelic jazz album by vibes-virtuozo Mike Mainieri recorded back in the late 60s but with a sound that still sounds fresh today.
His 1968 session "Journey Through an Electric Tube" (no doubt a reference to the vibes themselves) features mellow grooves (like ‘The Bush’) and sidemen like Jeremy Steig (flute) and
Chuck Rainey(electric bass), Sam Brown and Joe Beck(guitar), Donald MacDonald (drums), Hal Gaylor (double bass), Warren Bernhardt (piano, organ) and Sally Waring (vocals ). The album features female vocals on two tracks, bossa nova on one, some great fuzztone guitar and "Allow Your Mind to Wander" is a 14-minute psych-jam.All the players are in top form and the outcome is really trippy!!!
by hippy-djkit: here



Very Beautiful
Many Thanks

Dr. Schluss said...

Looks like a very groovy album. Thanks!

On another note, however, I would entreat you to find something other than Sharebee for downloads. It's crashed my computer several times - one of which resulted in a hostage virus that took me four hours to fix.
I now rarely download the albums you post because of this. Even this one crashed Firefox.

boogieman said...

I had never seen this album in a blog. Thru some association, I remember it yesterday (I'd seen it often in bargain bins, 30 so years ago)and did a search with Captain Crawl. Could not find it. And then, this very Easter morning, it's here!
Thanks my friend.
p.s.: i'm a bit worried about that virus message above, although i have been using sharebee a lot and, so far, I haven't got problems.
Happy Easter to You

Dr. Schluss said...

I think the problem is that Sharebee isn't too picky about their sponsors. Most result in a quickly closed pop-up ad, but every once and a while something more malicious slips in. Maybe Norton's not good enough for that stuff.

On another note, this album is extremely awesome. These are jazz cats that really understand how to trip out.

Miles said...

I don't recall ever having heard this, although I do remember the album jacket for some reason. With or without Dr. Schluss weighing in (who's opinion I always trust), I would still look forward to giving this a spin. Thanks.

Miles said...

Came back to tell you what a superb LP I found this to be. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Holger said...

Dear friends all over world,

I've searched for the 'journey through an electric tube' a few times since 1972. Does anybody now where I can purchase or download this awesome music by Mike Mainieri???

Every answer will greatly be appreciated.

Yours, Holger from Germany