Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Sly Stone - Recorded In San Francisco 1964-67-1970 US":
Early works from Sly. Rare issue on SCULPTURE label with many early singles during 1964-67 in San francisco, pulls together a mixture of pre-Sly and the Family Stone efforts. Sly used many electronic gadgets including clavinet, and essential drum breaks and organ on the cut "Rock Dirge".
In terms of quality the ten tracks cover a wide spectrum, ranging from the surprisingly good "Take My Advice" and the unique Broadway-meets-rock "Life of Future & Fame" to the interesting 1950s flavored instrumental "Hi Love", a cover of Herbie Hancock's "Watermelon Man'' and the raw demo "Rock Dirge". Sly's spoken work cover of "Deck Of Cards", " I Ain't Got Nobody" was eventually released as the first Sly and the Family Stone single.
-by dj fanis:here


heybulldog said...

fun stuff, great job...

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enterprise said...

Directed here by Beware of the Blog on WFMU. Disappointed that you want me to sign up for junkmail to get a Sly Stone download. Can live without the junkmail and the Sly will show up somewhere else. Even more diappointed that WFMU is associated with this.