Monday, November 5, 2012

"Azymuth - Aguia Nao Come Mosca-1977 Brazil":

Azymuth is a Brazilian Jazz-funk trio formed in 1972. The members are Jose Roberto Bertrami (keyboards), Alex Malheiros (bass, guitars), and Ivan Conti (drums, percussion). They call their music "Samba Doido", which means "Crazy Samba".
This 1977 album by Brazilian Jazz masters Azymuth is their hardest one to find.

  -by dj fanis: here


Duncanmusic said...

I remember this well and look forward to hearing it again. Wonder if you also know of anLP that came out about the same time period also on Fantasy Records of a Brazilian band called OPA. I know of only ONE LP released in the USA...it was a Beatle-like jazz psychedica tropicalismo deal...hope maybe you know of it and/or can find it. Thanks again for this one. I await the DL.

hippy djkit djfanis said...

I have the album "Back Home, Lost 1975 Sessions" by Uruguayan band Opa. I think is that what you're looking for.

-dj fanis

Duncanmusic said...

Never knew they were from Uruguay. I certainly will be interested in hearing that, but will continue to look for that LP , which maybe I can now date to around 1975, thanks to you. Do you know anything else about the band?

hippy djkit djfanis said...

You can find some info here:

dj fanis

hippy djkit djfanis said...

and here: