Monday, November 26, 2012

"Tim Hollier-1970 UK":

Tim Hollier was a folk artist with trippy psychedelic lyrics. Born in Brighton in 1947, Hollier was raised in West Cumberland, and at age 13 formed his first group, The Meteors, with a group of friends from school. He attended art college and played as part of a folk duo called The Sovereigns in the mid-'60s. He later moved to London to study graphic design, and got involved in the folk scene there, seeing some limited success as an opening act for such well-known figures as blues songstress Jo Ann Kelly and visiting American Paul Simon.
It was at UA that Hollier recorded his first album, "Message to a Harlequin" in mid-1968.
He left UA in 1969 and signed with Fontana Records, which issued his self-titled, self-produced second album in the summer of 1970.  

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