Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Kostas Tournas - Aperanta Choraphia-Κώστας Τουρνάς-Απέραντα Xωράφια-1972 Greece":

Kostas Tournas was born in Tripoli of Arkadia in September of 1949 and lived there up to 10 years, while in 1959 he comes in Athens and begins courses of guitar. In the 13 he makes the first group that plays Latin-American songs.The summer of ' 67 work first time professionally in the Kamena Vourla with various friends and collaborators.
Wrote songs in a paper, was also lented by his friend one old tape player and with his guitar played melodies. "Ela ilie mou" it is a song that its music was written in collaboration with Robert Williams. Kostas and Robert formed Poll, a short-lived group that made two electric folk rock albums in 1972.

Just after the split, Kostas Tournas released his first solo album, the magnus opus "Aperanta Choraphia". One of the lost prog/psych Greek gem from 1972. (by request)

-by dj fanis: here


Rochacrimson said...

Thank you so much hippy-djkit fanis!!!
Hope for the other Kostas Tournas 1973 album and others from him in future!Thank you once again!

tek said...

Yes Yes!! I agree with Rochacrimson. more K Tournas, please, especially the first Poll. the self titled second Poll album is one of my favorites from that era in Greece, but have actually never heard Άνθρωπε.