Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Manos Hadjidakis with the New York Rock & Roll Ensemble- Reflections -1970 US":

Manos Hadjidakis (October 23, 1925–June 15, 1994) was one of the most popular Greek music composers.
He was born in Xanthi, Greece. In 1962 he received an Academy Award in the category of Best Music, for his song "Never on Sunday" from the film of the same name. He is widely popular among Greeks and can be credited with the introduction of bouzouki music into mainstream culture.
In 1966 he travelled to New York. He did not return to Greece until 1972, mostly because of opposition to Greece's military dictatorship.
His album "Reflections" with the band New York Rock & Roll Ensemble contain several of his most beautiful songs, either in orchestral form, with English lyrics written by the band.
This was the third album of   New York Rock & Roll Ensemble  and was a collaboration with Greek composer on the score for a film that was never produced. The group decided to use this already recorded but unreleased music for their last Atlantic album. Because this album was such a great departure from their "classical/rock" roots, it apparently sold poorly when released and the members of the group believed that it hurt their popularity by confusing their fan base.
Ironically, this album is now the group's biggest selling album because it was re-released in Europe some years back and has apparently sold well since that time.

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