Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Quicksilver Messenger Service - Maiden Of The Cancer Moon -1968 Live At The Fillmore East":

This performance was the first of two extraordinary Quicksilver Messenger Service shows from an inspired run at the Fillmore East. The wonderful quality of the recording aside, this is just a fantastic performance. By summer 1968, when this concert was recorded, Cipollina and Duncan's guitar playing was reaching peak levels of intensity and their creativity seemed boundless.
Quicksilver Messenger Service shared the bill with the Electric Flag and Steppenwolf. Quicksilver Messenger Service was the middle act and played two sets per night.
This album is a memorial to the band's magnificence and probably one of the best live guitar albums ever recorded!!!
 "Maiden Of The Cancer Moon" released by Psycho Records (Psycho 10) in 1983.

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