Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Strawberry Alarm Clock-The World In A Sea Shell-1968 US":

"The World In A Sea Shell" is the name of Strawberry Alarm Clock's third LP, released in November 1968 on the UNI label (Uni 73035).The album was not a chart success, and was the final LP to include the classic Strawberry Alarm Clock lineup.
In the wake of the album's release, original members George Bunnell and Randy Seol left Strawberry Alarm Clock, leaving the band's final LP "Good Morning Starshine" to Freeman, Weitz, King, Nightcrawlers singer Jim Pitman, and previous band member Gene Gunnels on drums.
Two singles were released from "The World In A Sea Shell", "Sea Shell" (which didn't chart) and "Barefoot in Baltimore" (which reached #67 in the US).
The band's management decided to exert more control over the recordings for the third album. To this end, they pressured the band to record several compositions written by outsiders. (These included Carole King and "Incense And Peppermints" lyricists John Carter and Tim Gilbert.) The members of Strawberry Alarm Clock bristled at this situation, but reluctantly agreed to it in the end. Thus, five of the album's twelve songs were non-SAC songs, but anyway i think this album is excellent...

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Sixty seven was heaven said...

You left out one of the key influential founding members Mark Stephen Weitz. Keyboard player and co-writer of all four SAC hits that charted the Billboard top 100.

hippy djkit djfanis said...

Correctly,i will fix it, thanks.