Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Dr.Z - Three Parts To My Soul -1970 UK":

"Dr. Z" is an obscure early 70's English trio whose LP version of their only album now fetches in the 3-digit price range (only 80 copies were sold at the time).The dominant mood of the album is set by a percussive harpsichord that is alternately majestic and militaristic.
This was a band fronted by a University of North Wales professor named Keith Keyes, who handles vocals and keyboards (harpsichord, piano, organ). Backing him up in this band were Bob Watkins on drums and Rob Watson on bass.
"Dr. Z" was discovered by Nirvana UK frontman Patrick Campbell Lyons, who is also credited as executive producer on the album.
"Three Parts To My Soul" is a fine example of early 70's prog at its darkest. It has simple rhythms and the music is peculiarly obsessive, with very long piano/organ solos and baroque melodies.

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