Friday, January 25, 2013

"Glass Prism - Poe Through The Glass Prism -1969 US":

When "Glass Prism", RCA's exclusive recording group hailing form the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, was searching for something distinctive for its debut album, one of the quartet, Augie Christiano, an Edgar Allan Poe buff, suggested basing their material on the works of the great 19th century American poet.
These are represented in the combo's initial Victor album, "Poe Through The Glass Prism". The group performs eleven of Poe's works, set to music by "Glass Prism's" Thomas Varano and Augie Christiano and translates into a contemporary vein the vital feeling of the "lyrics" written more than a century ago.
"Poe Through The Glass Prism," including "Eldorado" and its biggest hit, "The Raven" which is essentially Poe’s famous poem of the same name set to music.
They were one of the originators of progressive concept-based rock. The album recorded in 1969 at Les Paul Studios,Mahwah,New Jersey.


Carl Siracuse- Guitar, Organ, Vocals
Thomas Varano- Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Augie Christiano- Bass
Rick Richards- Drums

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