Friday, January 18, 2013

"Ray Barretto-Senor 007-1965 US":

This is one of Ray Barretto's rarest albums. A killer 60s set of James Bond inspired latin boogaloo jazzy numbers. 
One of my favorite Ray Barretto albums of the 60s, a real gem from the pre-Latin Soul years. 
The album's a clear attempt to cash in on the cash in on the James Bond craze of the time, issued by United Artists, who were releasing the Bond films, but also had Ray under contract during the period too. But despite that simple gimmick, it's a great little set with a quality level that goes way beyond Bond soundtracks, or the usual from Barretto at the time.
The tracks are all hard and groovy, with an excellent jazz feel with some killer arranging from Ray.
You may recognize the song titles but their versions here are superb, and the album's filled with many many wonderful moments that step out with mad rhythms and great jazzy touches. 
Nice "spy" shot of Ray on the cover, too.

-by dj fanis: here


Dan said...

Big thanks!

Simon666 said...

THis is fantastic, thanks a lot!

Simon666 said...

"Search for Vulcan" is now officially my favourite Ray Barretto track :)


Beautiful Latin Jazz Sound !
D.J. ChinaBlack