Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Tharsein Xrei-Θαρσείν Χρει-1974 Greece":

Tharsein Xrei were created in Athens in 1973 by Giorgos "Orfeus" Bilikas, Babis Maragos and Kostas Halvadakis. Later, was added in the drums Tolis Piperas. In the spring of 1974 Dimitris Dimitrakas (later in Panx Romana) replaced in the drums Tolis Piperas.
Back in 1973, this band were featured in the legendary and very collectable compilation "Pop Festival '73", released by Columbia.
By the end of 1973, the group entered the studio and recorded an album-worth material, for the label. It never materialized and first official release without any additions or corrections came in 2004 from Anazitisi Records. It contains 10 self-penned tracks that you could classify in the electric folk-rock genre. At the same time hard-rock tinges and soft -psychedelic elements are hidden within great melodies.
The dissolution of the band , came the summertime of 1974 with the makes of Cyprus and the mobilisation (obligatorily) and with the change of regime (substantially), that found Greece out of the political songs. (by request)

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