Friday, February 8, 2013

"East Of Eden -Snafu -1970 UK":

Their professional career began back in 1967 when they were formed in Bristol by Dave Arbus (born David Arbus, 8 October 1941 , in Leicester, Leicestershire) (violin, flute, saxophone, trumpet), Ron Caines (born 13 December 1944, in Bristol, Somerset) (alto saxophone), Geoff Nicholson (born 27 June 1948, near Bristol, Somerset) (guitar, vocals), and Geoff Britton (born 1 August 1943, in Lewisham, South London) (drums), who later joined Wings.
In 1969 release their  first  album titled  "Mercator Projected" , followed shortly after by the "Snafu" and "Jig-a-Jig" albums. Combining flutes, violins and tape loops to folk , gypsy and psychedelic music, the East of Eden style was always heavily supported on a pure rock base, strong and experimental.

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Slidewell said...

Been a fan of this unique record since its release. Unlike 'Mercator', this one's more jazzy and experimental, which I prefer. For those who like their prog on the jazzy tip, check it out. Oh, and for anyone who doesn't know already, Dave Arbus, played the cool fiddle on Baba O'Reilly, on 'Who's Next'. One more thing: I've never seen the cover shown here for 'Snafu'. Mine has a great photo of an old lady playing the fiddle on the street.

hippy djkit djfanis said...

Thanks for your comment, this is the French release of "Snafu" also from 1970 with different cover.

dj fanis