Friday, February 22, 2013

"The Whatnauts-Reaching For The Stars-1971 US":

The Whatnauts were an American soul group from Baltimore, Maryland founded in 1969. The group had several hit singles in the early 1970s and released a trio of fine soul albums: "Introducing The Whatnauts"
(Stang,1971), "Reaching For The Stars" (Stang,1971)  and "Whatnauts On The Rocks" (Stang,1972).
They performed with fellow Stang artists The Moments for the hit single "Girls" in 1974. The Whatnauts' music has been sampled by numerous musicians.

-by dj fanis: here


Lionel Jaman said...

Hello =)

I just discovered your blog a few days ago.

Do you Rip your Vynil ? If yes could you maybe explain to me your method, I'm looking to rip my own vinyls but I have no such experience, and maybe you can also eyplain me how to clean them, someone told me to do so with Isopropylic Alcohol with a coton tissue but I'm not really sure about this.

hippy djkit djfanis said...

About vinyl rip i use Audacity program, download and you find how it works,about vinyls i clean them with water only.

Lionel Jaman said...

And how do you link your turntable to the Pc ? Through an amplifier and next into the jack audio of the pc ?

hippy djkit djfanis said...