Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Bohemian Vendetta -1967 US":

A New York City band who issued just one album. This is one of the best acid/punk LPs with excellent Vox organ and fuzz guitar.The covers are pretty fantastic as well.
The band was formed in 1966 under the name the Bohemians on the Long Island. By early 1967 the band opted for a name change. As Bohemian Vendatta they also underwent a series of personnel changes, eventually coalescing with a line of singer/keyboardist Brian Cooke, drummer Chuck Monica, bassist Victor Muglia and rhythm guitarist Randy Pollock.
By the time 1967 rolled shortly there after released a single with United Artists ,"Enough" / "Half The Time". The single vanished without a trace, followed in short order by the band's contract. Luckily they were picked up and signed to Mainstream Records.
Bohemian Vendetta got a shot at a full album on the legendary Mainstream label, including the great :
"Riddles & Fairytales", "Paradox City"," All Kinds Of High" ,"Images (Shadow In The Night)".
Bonus the "Riddles & Fairytales" (45 Version) and the 1967 United Artists single.

Brian Cooke (aka Arthur Muglia) - vocals, keyboards (1966-68)
Nick Manzi - lead guitar (replaced Richard Martinez) (1966-68)
Richard Martinez - lead guitar (1966-67)
Chuck Monica - drums (replaced Richie Sorrento) (1966-68)
Victor Muglia - bass(1966-68)
Randy Pollock - rhythm guitar 1966-68)
Richie Sorrentino - drums (1966-68)

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Big Nothing said...

This album is so great, one of the greatest covers of "Satisfaction" ever.

Thanks for posting a vinyl rip!!