Monday, March 4, 2013

"Yamasuki Singers-Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki-1971 France"

This pseudo-Japanese concept album was the brainchild of prolific French production duo Jean Kluger and Daniel Vangarde. Based on a dance named the "Yamasuki", it was originally released in very small quantities on the independent label Biram in 1971, inadvertently becoming a useful educational tool for French students keen to learn Japanese.
"Yamasuki" is a collection of beautiful pop songs, sung by a Japanese choir, offset to pounding drum patterns, vibes and fuzz guitar work-outs. The hip-hop-esque beats of "Yama Yama" and "Kono Samurai" have made the original LP a highly sought after relic for break collectors, the hip-hop market and loop diggers.
Jean Kluger wrote and produced the song "Stories" for the Chakachas.
His brother Ronald Kluger wrote and produced the similar "Jungle Fever".
The Kluger brothers along with Daniel Vangarde wrote and produced a plethora of hits.
Also Daniel Vangarde's son is one half of the Daft Punk duo. (by request)

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