Friday, December 13, 2013

Malo-Evolution-1973 US

Malo was a Latin Rock group from San Francisco, California led by Jorge Santana, the brother of famed Latin-Rock guitarist, Carlos Santana.
Four of the original members (Santana, Garcia, Tellez and Bean) were previously in a band called the Malibu's. The other three founding members (Abel Zarate, Roy Murray and Richard Spremich) were in a band called Naked Lunch.
Their third album "Evolution" is a heavier reliance on fusion jazz keyboards and a lower fire in Jorge Santana's guitar than there had been on the band's initial two albums.
It's still competent and often pleasing Latin rock/jazz and a soul-slanted romantic songs that seemed more pointed toward the singles market than most of their repertoire, "I Don't Know."
The most Latin-oriented facets of the band came to the fore on "Merengue" and "Dance To My Mambo".

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hi just wondered if you had the messengers lp from 1969 which includes a cover of you keep running away. cheers

hippy djkit djfanis said...

Yes, i will post it when i found the time...