Monday, December 9, 2013

The National Gallery - Performing Musical Interpretations Of The Paintings Of Paul Klee -1968 US Philips promo release

This superbly melodic and strange distillation of Pop, Folk, Psych and Jazz was inspired by the paintings of Paul Klee. A fusion of harmonious folk, pop and avant garde with some psychy touches, culminating in its most memorable track "Long Hair Soulful" with stoned vocals and acid-etched guitar.
It was a studio recording overseen by the Cleveland-based team of jazz composer Chuck Mangione and local producer/arranger Roger Karshner, who called the songs "Electronic Paintings" and "Rock-Art".
The musicians themselves don't get a name-check, just a picture - three guys and a gal. Composers Roger Karshner and Charles Mangione were involved with several other Cleveland area acts and Karshner was manager of one of the city's more successful sixties bands, The Outsiders.

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kost mah said...

Ευχαριστω πολυ ακομα μια φορα,φοβερα βινυλια οπως παντα!

Timmy said...

Thanx.... Never heard of this....!

the gardener said...

This is a great, really freaky album.
The best song is "barbaric, classical, solemn".
Thanks, Mr. djkit & Mr. djfanis

zappahead said...

Thanks for this goodie...never heard of before but right up my street....very much obliged...cheers.