Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Willie And The Red Rubber Band-1968 US

From Shreveport, Texas, Willie and The Red Rubber Band issued two albums, a Self-Titled (1968) and "We're Comin' Up" (1969). Their music is a mix of Rock, R&B and Psych, like The Hombres or The Gentrys. The first album is probably their best, with tracks like "Mary Jane", "Nature's Way Of Saying Thank You" and "School Of Hard Knocks".
On both albums, the tracks are generally short (under three minutes). Although some arrangements sound very dated now, the guitar and keyboards parts are generally interesting and the albums are pleasant.


Willie Redden (Vocals,Guitar)
Glen Ballard (Bass)
Charles Addington (Keyboards,Piano,Cello)
Conley Bradford (Drums)
Lanny Fiel (Guitar)

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S R Management said...

Grew up a few miles from Shreveport in the 60's and never heard of this band. But, I'm willing to give them a shot. Thanks!